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Wednesday, October 11

Shifting Reality

Reality within and reality without are each mutually exclusive. One reality cannot always encompass both, thus one must choose what one believes. The source element of this choice is critical. Whether religious or political or logical or reactionary, the kernel truth uPon which reality is based is critical. Communicating this truth must be part and parcel with bringing others to understand. Control of realities is in control of what is accepted as true. Once the truth is subject to a shift in objectivity, so too follows the remainder of a reality.

Realities of Note (In writing this post)

Ugandan civil war - any other reality unknown from within, unknowable from without
Pakistani nuclear program - perceived as heroic from within, questionable from without
North Korean regime - perceived as heroic from within, despotic from witout
Afghanistan - invasion time and again from within, a 'project' in Nation-building from without

The realities built in each of these corners is telling of the conditions under which the people are subject to survive. Promises of change are mere fancy or sophistry without fundamental shifts. To shift a foundation is a massive undertaking and cannot be excecuted without internal knowledge.

Thoughts on the WOT

Is the WOT really a suppression of the means by which the powerless can defend themselves or deter the ambitions of the powerful?

London, Madrid, Iraq, attacks made by jihad against targets belonging to the allied nations that wage a war in the middle East. Canada's role, securing the first footprint of this 'clash of civilizations,' does not exempt us from the rising incidence of terrorist attack. Is it any wonder that the al-Qaeda attacks since 9-11 have struck the two nations that colluded with America in invasion of Iraq? More analyses of that invasion conclude that the incidence of terrorist acts and recruitment of 'terrorists' has increased since March 2003. Accepting these premises begs a pertinent question, as an invader in Afghanistan, does Canada, day by day, increase rather than decrease the likelihood of terrorist activity on our soil? Our goals in Afghanistan must be clear to both canadians and afghans alike. There Mia be no imposition of belief on the Afghan people. Is the mission to Afghanistan, in the end, another example of economic colonialism?