The world can certainly do better than this. Here's why.

Wednesday, March 23


these numbers, in this order, I see them everywhere. Once, I was given the number 324 as a replacement for my name.

That is all that is real.

Occaisionally, I glance at my watch and remember when it is 3:24. Occaisionally, I awake at night and see that it is 3:24 in the morning. Earlier than morning, really, very late at night. Because morning really begins ato 04:20. Usually that's where the line is drawn. 0324, to bed. No matter what tomorrow is.

0324 is my number, along with 08.


Wednesday, March 9

Listening Lounge

At bat: Aesop Rock - Float

before this: samples from the soundtrack for "Danny the Dog" (later renamed: Unleashed) as scored by Massive Attack.

on deck: the much delayed appraisal of Joyful Rebellion by K-Os.